Making progress


When I started knitting I didn’t really get the progress keeper thing, but I can definitely see the satisfaction in seeing your project grow before your eyes. I thought I’d share these progress keepers I made using the charms from an old bracelet I no longer wear.

I used eye pins to create a jump ring between the charm and the lobster clasp – both of which were found in my stash of art supplies, you can buy these on Amazon or Ebay – or alternatively use clasps from old or broken jewellery.

All you need is a pair of pliers to help you assemble everything, et voila- progress keepers at no cost! I also came accross some midi-rings (I think from H&M) which I thought would make perfect stitch markers, you can just slip them over the needles as you go, easy peasy.

In future I’d love to hand make more knitting accessories – project bags are definitely on the list… have you ever hand made your own notions?


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