How I started knitting

I started knitting around 4 months ago and it was the socks that got me hooked…



I never even knew sock knitting was such a thing until I started watching Podcasters like Tracey and Jodi from The Grocery Girls and Molly from A Homespun House showing theirs. “Why knit socks?” I thought, “who needs that many pairs?!”, these are all logical questions but logic is unnecessary where knitting is concerned – the more pattern variations and yarn combinations I saw I realised, I needed to knit socks.

Socks are an awesome first knitting project for any beginner. My first pair are certainly pretty hideous but I learnt the basics making them; Knitting in the round, SSK’s, K2tog’s, slipping stitches, short rows, ribbing – it’s all there in a sock and before you know it you’re stitching up the toe and eagerly anticipating casting on its twin (unidentical obvz).

So I wanted to share my favourite pair of handmade socks so far…

The pattern

I’d seen this pattern for the Pom Pom Socklets on the Purl Soho site a little while back and bookmarked them. The pattern didn’t disappoint – this was a really enjoyable and straight foward knit, the instructions were so easy to follow and the project was really quick to finish due to them being shorties- a great one for beginners as there’s even step my step photos to refer to.  I really like the effect of the slip stitch heel and it was so quick to do.

The yarn

As these were going to be gifted I wanted the yarn to be pretty special and so I decided on Malabrigo. I was pretty unfamiliar with yarn weights/brands/fibres at this point (and still am really) so I thought I can’t go wrong with a yarn range titled ‘Sock’, surely. It’s 100% superwash merino which sounded nice and fancy and I wasn’t too worried about there being no nylon in them as I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be worn outside the house. I decide on the Lotus colourway which was even more beautiful in the skein when it arrived than shown on the website. The lilacs, teals and mint shades of this yarn were showcased beautifully in these socks and the stitch definition was better than anything I had knit with so far- safe to say I will be purchasing from this range again, I’d love a hat made from this yarn.


The only slight alteration I made was putting two pom poms on the side of the sock rather than one on the back – I just thought that looked fun.


Use a fork to make teeny tiny pom poms! I find cheaper yarn makes better pom poms so I used some chunky acrylic stuff I had knocking around.

And so the sock obsession continues… I’m currently knitting on a pair of pretty garish rainbow coloured socks. It’s the first toe-up pattern I’ve used and it’s going a little slower than I’d like but I’m still enjoying socks so much and love the toe-up method. Do you love knitting socks? Are you a new knitter? If so I’d love to hear what you’re working on!


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