What I’m working on | February

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I’ve started working on this beanie, the Oakenshield, by Morgan Capestrain.

I’m most drawn to simple rib hats but they can be a bit of a snore to make! I felt like trying something different with some cream yarn (Cascade Superwash 220) I’d had stashed away so I browsed Ravelry for inspiration and found the Oakenshield.


So far I’m really enjoying making this hat. The pattern is so easy to follow, the twisted stitch is quite inuitive but if you find yourself stuck the step by step reference photos are a great help. I made a teeny mistake somewhere in the chevron pattern as my stitch count went off by one but rather than trying to find and fix this I decided to work with it and I don’t think it’s too noticeable thankfully. I’m excited to have this one finished 🙂

Are you knitting something out of your comfort zone? Are you finding your tastes have changed since starting to knit?


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