2017 goals

I have hopes for 2017 that don’t involve knitting but I’ve made a few goals I’d like to work off the needles this year:

  • Knit socks for my family

I’d like to continue practising more sock knitting techniques so that I can be sure my sock recipe is one I’m happy with. Hand knit socks make a great gift (IMO), so I want to have a pair finished for all of my immediate family members birthdays this year.

  • Hand dye some yarn

The hand dying process looks so exciting, I’d love to knit socks from home dyed yarn.

  • Knit a sweater

One of the main reasons I got into knitting was so I can make my own garments and I think I’ve built up enough confidence to give it a go this year. One pattern I really like – and would be perfect for spring- is the Featherweight by Hannah Fettig, or for a sweater I think the Flax Pullover by TinCan Knits would be a great place to start. If you have any recommendations for beginner sweaters I’d love to hear them!

  • Shop independent

This one is self explanatory, but where possible I want to support small local businesses including yarn stores and indie dyers.


  • Work through my stash

I also want to give my purchases much more thought this year and not buy yarn unless I have a project in mind for it. 2016 taught me that I really don’t need or want to buy so much! I’m steadily finding uses for all of my stash and anything I really couldn’t see myself using has been listed on eBay and gone to a better home.

  • Experiment with sewing and embroidery

As a kid I always enjoyed cross stitch, hand sewing and breaking using my mum’s sewing machine. I was lucky to be gifted a sewing machine a couple of years back and I really want to dust it off and make use of it this year. I definitely would like to find some beautiful patterned fabrics and make myself some project bags to start with.  Embroidery is something I have also recently found an interest in (just search ’embroidery’ on Instagram and you’ll see why!). I’ve spent a little time experimenting with some supplies I have at home learning the basic techniques but it would be great to invest in some hoops and decent embroidery threads to give it a proper go!

I’d love to hear what you’re hoping to acheive this year? 🙂


2 thoughts on “2017 goals”

  1. Ahhh, working through the stash–totally my goal, too. (Rarely happens . . . but I would love to knit down, or weave down, or just pom pom down my stash this year too) My main goal is colorwork technique. Looking forward to seeing how you get on!


    1. Haha, we can do it! it seems like an impossible task doesn’t it, when I started out knitting I bought so much yarn that I would never buy now and that was only a few months ago – I guess it takes a bit of time to figure out what fibres and weights you like to work with- I think a lot of mine will turn into dishcloths!
      Colourwork sounds like a good idea, I’ve done a little and really enjoyed it 🙂


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