My Oakenshield Beanie


I wouldn’t ordinarily want to wear a cream hat but, in this pattern and when paired with the right colours, I think it can look really classic. I chose a pattern based on a beautiful cream cabled hat I’d seen styled in a magazine.

The pattern

This is the Oakenshield Beanie pattern by Morgan Capestrain. Initially I thought the chevron design looked like it may have been quite complex to do but it was a pretty simple four row repeat and once you’ve memorised this the hat works up pretty quick. I mentioned in my previous ‘What I’m working on‘post that I had made a mistake and decided to work with it, since then I continued to the point of making the decreases and then discovered a ton of errors on several rows – gah!  It was just going to bother me too much if I finished the hat from there so I decided to start again from the end of the brim.  I was pretty familiar with the pattern repeat by this point so after an evening I’d worked my way back up to the crown-  from there the hat took no time to finish, it’s great for beginners like me (the step by step reference photos are a great help).  I like how the chevrons resemble a forest or ferns.



The brim is supposed to be worked in garter, but I wasnt so keen on how mine was looking, my stitches just looked messy and in the end I chose to rip out and work a 1×1 rib. One rookie error I did make was using 5mm DPN’s rather than the 5.5mm’s the pattern calls for. In my ignorance I didn’t think this would matter, of course it did and my version is much snugger than intended. I’m hoping it’ll stretch out with some wear, but I am getting used to the fit and I’m starting to like it more. I’ve done this sort of thing a few times so it goes to show I still haven’t learnt my lesson in terms of making sure I’m using the right needle size/ swatching!


The yarn

I used Cascaded Superwash 220 in the colour no. 910A. It sounds silly because it’s an off white, but I really like the colour and tone of this yarn. It’s soft, squishy and lovely to work with, also being good value I’d definitely like to knit my first sweater with this (or the non superwash version).

I’m keen to work on some more winter knits – perhaps some matching mittens for this hat!

Are you working through your stash? I’d love to hear what your working on at the moment 🙂





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